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Devonshire Young Lady

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

A house in Devon that was owned by the parents of a clients husband. The house was originally constructed in 1916 but has had lots of additions to it since that date and it is used as a second residence/holiday home.

The daughter-in-law contacted me to say that a couple of visitors over the years had said that they had felt a spirit presence in the house and the family had wondered if I would be able to pick anything up. She sent some photos of the house from different angles and in different rooms and one showing the view out to sea.


I could immediately feel that there was someone with me. My spirit guides moved in closer to me in order to forge the connection and I prepared to make the rescue of the trapped soul.

Suddenly I could see a little face looking at me and I know that there is a young woman who is hiding around the wall and peeping her head around the corner in order to take a glance at me. She knows I can see her and she can see me but she is wary and afraid of me and so she keeps the rest of her body behind the wall.

I show her my new haircut which is short like hers in a short bob cut to jaw length and that has been curled under but she immediately informs me that my fringe is wrong and so I know that she has been looking and analysing me. However, I can sense that she is also afraid of me because she doesn’t understand where I have come from or what I am doing there and she is wary.

However, this tactic of talking about the style of my hair seems to interest her and I know that by doing this I start to gain her confidence. She is already getting used to me being there and I can feel that she is beginning to feel at ease and relaxing. I know that it won’t be long before she realises that she can trust me. I know that in the background her guides are working to make her feel at ease too. She suddenly starts the conversation and says that I should have my fringe curled into one curl rather than flat across my forehead. She explains that the curl should lay flat on my forehead and I tell her that I will need her to help me to show me how to do it. She is already thinking about using a little clip to hold it until the spray has set it in place and I know that she is feeling okay now about our chatting and she is easing out from behind the wall.

Once she is settled she begins to tell me about herself and she tells me that she is in her late teens, around nineteen years old and her name begins with a ‘V’ (later I wonder if this is a ‘B’ not a ‘V’ as they sound similar) but I am not very good with names but she does tell me that she has two younger brothers who are very annoying and she sighs with frustration when she calls them to mind. I ask her when she passed and she is quite happy to accept that she is dead. She doesn’t question it at all. She tells me that she passed in 1926 and she says that she had typhus and that she adds that she was too young to die. She tells me that she thought she would recover because she was young and strong and she genuinely thought she had a whole life ahead of her. I think it was a bit of a shock and that is why she became stuck in the house on her passing. She didn’t feel ready to go.

When I tell her that many years have passed she shakes her head in dismissal. She can’t accept and believe that how much time has gone by and in her thoughts she thinks it is just a matter of moments since she died.

In order to distract her and keep her with me I ask her who she would like to come and collect her to take her across. By this time we have transferred seamlessly to the waiting area and she immediately says that she wants her father to come.

A tall, well to do, very well dressed gentleman arrives in a woollen suit with a waistcoat and a cravat. Notice that I have put gentleman and not father or man. This is his description of himself that he has told me and I feel that the energy and air that fills the space around him is dignified and earns respect with an air of decadence. I know that he has arrived much younger than the age he was when he passed but he has come as the young daughter would remember him so that she feels at ease and recognises him. I feel that he is the owner of a tin mine or son of the owner because I am not sure that he made his own money but he is certainly wealthy for the time. He tells me that his work was a restricted occupation and he didn’t fight in world war one even though he was at the right age to go. He was a quiet man of very few words when he was on the earth plane but as soon as he sees his daughter he grabs her hand and holds it to his chest. Tears flow down his cheeks and she is quite bewildered by his reaction to her. She is taken aback because she has never witnessed him showing so much emotion when she was on the earth plane with him. Suddenly she is crying with him and still he clutches her hand to his heart. As the tears begin to ease he knows that he needs to persuade her to go with him. I know that there will be no problem with her going across because she is with her father and she is so happy to be reunited with him that she will follow him literally to the ends of the earth.

He tells her that everyone is waiting in the little private cove near the house and they need to go down the metal staircase to meet up with them although this trip will actually take them over on to the spirit plane. His eyes dance with delight at the spectacle of seeing his daughter before him again. He says that they are all going to have a picnic including a layered cold, chicken and pork pie, made with hot water crust pastry, that is her favourite. She is excited and happy to follow him and doesn’t even realise that they will pass over to the spirit plane in just a moment or two.

They go outside and through the garden and they disappear from view and then they are down in the cove and I can hear the distant sounds of all the family laughing together. I know that they are all sitting on picnic blankets on the sand and I can hear the jumble of voices although what they are saying is indistinct. They are finally reunited and have passed over to the spirit plane.

I tell the family that live in the house at the moment that although the metal stairs no longer exist they will find evidence of it on the cliff stone and edge of the garden. They are delighted that the young Devonian girl will no longer be trapped in the house but they understand that she may pop in to watch over everyone but she will be in spirit and no longer a ghost.

I closed this rescue by surrounding the young woman with the love from her father and the rest of her family and my own love and to be finally at peace.

Later the daughter-in-law of the present owner asked me if I knew where the presence had been in the house. I replied that I had felt something when I looked at the photograph of the corridor that she had forwarded to me and she replied that ‘it was funny because the corridor was where I always felt a bit scared in the dark’. There was no reason for her to feel this way in any part of the house at all and it will be interesting in the future to see if this area now feels different to her and their other guests. She confirmed that the whole family on in-laws were happy to hear that the young woman was finally at rest.


Later that month the daughter-in-law of the present owner that had requested the rescue came to see me for a separate reading. However, before we commenced she said that she was amazed at the detail that I was able to gather about the young woman. She confirmed that until fairly recently in the history of the house and back originally it had it’s own private cove and that she was sure that there would have been some way to walk down from the garden directly to the cove. I explained that there were two levels in the garden and you needed to go down one section, into the next and then the way down to the cove was off this second area down a flight of stairs. She confirmed that there were two levels to the garden.

She also said that she had done some digging on a genealogy site and had found out that in the 1911 census, that the Head of the house in Devon in the 1920s had been living in New Street, Chipping Norton in a ten bedroom house. His name was a Mr James Scarth Hill who was listed as being forty years of age (this would put him outside the age to be involved in world war one as he would be too old so I don’t know how this connects to what I heard in the rescue.) In the 1911 census he was listed as a Manager, Woollen Mill in the Woollen Manufacturing industry but as a Worker not an Employer or Working on Own Account (self employed). Therefore he was not connected to a tin mine. It also stated that he was born in Morley, Yorkshire and that he was forty years of age and had been married to Eleanor Hall for fourteen years.

0n the 1911 census there were eight occupants in this house in Chipping Norton, an Albert who was a nephew, who was seventeen and a servant, Rose Phipps, aged twenty-two also listed and this showed that they would have been a wealthy family for that time to take on a relative and have a servant. There was a daughter named Beatrice Eleanor Hall listed in the 1911 census as being five and an older sister, Remy (eleven), and brother, Wilfred (nine) and another younger brother, George who was 2. The census recorded five children born, four still living and one child who had died. It is quite possible that there could have been another child (son) born after 1911 and before the death of the young woman or perhaps the rescued soul was talking about the two other brothers just being annoying.

Sometime after the 1911 census the family moved to the house in Devon.

The daughter-in-law of the present owner had managed to find the grave monument details for Eleanor B Hall at the local church. It verified that Beatrice Eleanor Hall was born on 13th December 1905, was baptised on the 5th January 1906 in Chipping Norton and buried in Devon aged 20. This monument also included her mother, Eleanor Hall (who it lists as dying in 1922), and her father, James Scarth Hall (no date given for his death). The death register lists Hall, Beatrice E at the age of twenty in the period April, May and June 1926. This confirms that the young woman had died in early 1926 and that would have made her twenty years of age because her birthday wasn’t until December that year when she would have been twenty-one.

The daughter-in-law also stated that there is a strange castle tower structure near to the house and private cove which is no longer part of the house deeds. Upon investigation though, she has found out that this structure was actually a mill that was possibly powered by water. This could have been something to do with the owner as a Woollen manufacturer as it may have been something to do with the wool industry. All in all the information from the rescue seems to fit with the owners of the house during the 1920s.

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