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What is a spirit rescue?

Updated: Sep 28, 2021

Sometimes spirits who have passed from the earth plane remain trapped by the confines of our world for some reason do not slide over to the spirit world.

Now before I begin I want to explain that this is an unusual phenomenon. Please do not worry that you are going to automatically be left in limbo between the two worlds. It is not a common occurrence. The majority of people move quite simply and easily between the two worlds and begin their integration into the spirit plane. Generally speaking these souls are met, not just by one but a whole host of family, friends, pets etc. They begin their transition immediately and are surrounded by a feeling of immense love. This transition moves them to review their life and to learn to be back with the spirit plane.

However, occasionally these souls do not pass over. I would also like to explain that those that remain here in a kind of limbo are not in purgatory and this is not in anyway a punishment for the soul of sinners. The souls are not trapped here because of a process that they need to adhere to. They do not need to be cleansed for there is no purification process that they need to go through. Most souls are met by loved ones on their passing and when their time comes for them to pass, one or many of their relatives, friends or pets will be there to meet and greet them. However sometimes this doesn't happen.

In my experience they are usually stuck and remain an earthbound entity because they have either had a very traumatic or quick death. This may be due to a war or a car accident or because they are not expecting to die. In some circumstances they may have committed suicide although this does not mean that every suicide becomes stuck.

Generally there tends to be more men than women but it is not exclusive to men and there are also children too. They leave the earth plane but then don't cross over because in those final seconds before they pass over I believe that they either change their mind in the case of some suicides or they become frightened about what is ahead of them. Sometimes there can be a really simple reason for their move across to halt. In some instances I have found that this is because they are frightened because the light mimics something like a bomb flash and they have been programmed in their earthly life to avoid it, such as with incidences with some World War 1 soldiers i have worked with. It may be because they think it is the sun and they are avoiding going out into it because they are sick such as the case of the World War 1 Serbian Soldier. In other instances it is because they don't want to go back to a ward or area where they have felt pain or suffering before and therefore they consciously avoid moving toward it such as the girl I worked with who had Polio.

Once they have missed the opening, it is closed to them until someone like myself is able to reopen the link. There is no way that they are able to reforge that link once the time has passed. Those in the spirit plane cannot grab them and they cannot return to those on the earth plane.

So I hear you ask why do they need to pass over to the Spirit plane? Why not leave them where they are without any disturbance especially if they are not affecting anyone or causing any harm? Firstly, when spirits are stuck between the two worlds it is not where they should be. They are in the wrong place and they need to be transferred and reunited with their loved ones in order to grow spiritually. I believe that it is unfair to leave them between those worlds. I believe that it is my duty to pass them onto the right place.

Secondly, I have seen that being in this limbo area can be described as like walking around in a very heavy, thick fog, where there is no night or day. In this place the person may not understand what is happening but they usually feel very lonely and sometimes confused as well. In this limbo state they may play their final moments from the earth plane over and over just before their decision not to go towards the light and usually they see themselves lying ahead of them and are confused who or what is going on in front of them.

The saving grace is that there is no time as we perceive it on the earth plane. Therefore, in my experience, they do not and cannot understand how long they have been caught in this process. It can be a bit like an endless groundhog day and that they do not realise that time has passed in the earth plane. Many years can go by and sometimes they forget what has happened to their family and friends. In some cases they may not realise that they are in spirit and they are confused about where they actually are. In some circumstances this state of confusion may be as a result of illness such as the latter stages of Alzheimers disease or it may just be because they literally forget what has happened to them. In other cases they are re-enacting over and over again the last moments before they pass in an everlasting loop. Sometimes this loop may only happen on the anniversary of their passing or it may be much more frequent. Whichever way it is, they are stuck and they need to be rescued because they are not where they should be and cannot evolve spiritually if they remain where they are.

It is unusual but in some cases they are not always happy to pass over. This may be because they may feel safer where they are and they don't understand what I am trying to do or they may be confused or frightened and feel that they are better staying where they are. They may feel a certain amount of security with their familiar surroundings or possessions around them especially as they have no idea about the length of earth time they have been stuck. It is as if they get used to this perpetual loop but they can't move on by themselves and sometimes they just need a bit of a nudge to take the step forward or to see the light that is ahead of them.

On the whole once they realise where they are and that they are not where they should be they are more than happy to use me and my guides as a conduit to move across to the spirit plane and be at peace. In addition, once they see someone familiar coming to collect them they are truly happy to be reunited and move across to the light.

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