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Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Rebalance

my migraines were so bad that I couldn't see ... one session and I feel so much better - thank you for mending my brokenness! ED

my anxiety was preventing me from going to work and even leaving the house ~ I feel I have my life back  MS

my foot was so painful that I couldn't walk but within 24 hours the pain had reduced significantly  LS

last time I had a facial was when I got married but this was so relaxing when combined with the reiki ~ I loved it and will be back  AD

Choose your session length: 
1 hour:          £40
1 1/2 hours:  £55
2 hours:         £75
~ all treatments use Neal's Yard Organic products which contain no silicones or parabens and are naturally scented with essential oils ~
Jikiden Reiki
Aromatherapy Massage

Standard Treatment

Psychological / Emotional Treatment

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Neal's Yard Facial

Face Mask, Cleanser, Toner, Toning Eye Gel, Facial Oil and Moisturiser, balanced with a facial drainage, neck, shoulder and scalp massage combined with Jikiden Reiki


Guided Meditation 
My Approach


Learning Jikiden Reiki will give you completely natural tools to improve your own health and treat others with this simple, effective and authentic Japanese hand healing method pioneered by Mikao Usui.  Perfect for helping family, friends, animals as well as yourself or as a complimentary treatment 

Shoden Course:

An informative, gentle and fun course with no test where you will learn a standard treatment including the ketsueki kokkan-ho massage - plenty of time for questions and practice set over two days. Learn the history including the influence of WWII and the emergence of western forms of reiki.  Receive three reiju (connections to the universal energy), learn the concept of byosen and the feeling of the energy as well as the five reiki principles in English and Japanese and the first symbol. 

Full tuition and manual provided, English and Japanese Certificate (modelled on that originally supplied by the founder Mikao Usui) and registration card.  Refreshments supplied.

Fee: £260.00 

Okuden Course:

Learn three further treatments ~ a psychological/emotional treatment, a distance treatment and a combination of the two: a distance psychological/emotional treatment.  Set over one day this course includes full tuition, two further symbols, two reiju (connections to the universal energy) and full instruction and support. 

English and Japanese Certificate (modelled on that originally given by the founder, Mikao Usui).  Refreshments provided.

Fee:  £250.00

~ all fees set by the Jikiden Reiki Institute, Kyoto, Japan

Just for today:

~ do not be angry

~ do not worry

~ be grateful

~ do you duties fully

~ be kind to others 

   Reiki from its birthplace




Shoden  - 9.30am to 4pm

14th/15th August

11th/12th November


Okuden - 9.30am to 5pm

16th August

13th November

If you need any information please do not hesitate to contact me.

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