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I have been working as a Medium/Clairvoyant for some years and have experience with One-2-One Readings, Group Parties and Mediumship Evening Events.  

It is a huge privilege to be able to connect with spirit and to try to get some detail about their relationship and perhaps even a fond memory or something that they enjoyed doing.

How comforting to know that someone is around us and by our side.  I try to give heartfelt messages to show that your loved one is there.  A reading can lay questions to rest and can be inspirational for the sitter.  It is difficult to comprehend that spirit is very intelligent that it has the perspective to go further than we can see, hear or know.  Even to understand that they are present can be difficult to conceive at times when we feel at a loss but they are always near, we just need to make ourselves aware.


During a medium session I can see, hear and feel the spirit around me and I try to bring you a step closer to your loved ones.


In addition, I work with restless spirits in order to pass them to the spirit plane.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss any aspect of rescue work in your home/work place.

Look out for Mediumship Evening Events in 2023…


All readings are for entertainment purposes only and there is no legal guarantee for your reading and I cannot be held responsible for the decisions made as a result of your interpretation of your reading.  By law the information given does not substitute for advice which can and/or should be sought from a legal, financial, medical or psychological professional. 

Personal Readings

one-2-one reading:

30 minutes          £35.00

60 minutes.         £60.00

Online via Zoom:

30 minutes          £35.00

60 minutes.         £60.00

Group Readings:

available on request

Rescue Work:

£20 per rescued spirit

           Over 18s only

No children to be present at any stage - readings will be terminated if there are children present.

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